Springwood Residence

Being awarded as The Best Apartement in Tangerang city, Springwood residence at Jalan Kyai Maja no.1, delivers the premium quality with affordable luxury apartment to the customers. Strategic location allows the apartment to be easily accessed from Binus university, IKEA, Alam Sutera Mall, Living World and Omni hospital. It is located near at the exit Tol of Alam Sutera.

Concept Design

We Deliver 2018

The Smith

The SMITH is developed with the concept of the “Silicon Valley” of Alam Sutera. Featuring the first 3.0 Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and the most advance smart office with “Silicon Valley” facilities differentiate the SMITH from others.

triniti dinamik home

With a strong concept in development, the SMITH applies 3.0 concepts, namely Professional, Status, and Community.

3.1 Professional

To present this concept, The SMITH provides one floor which have meeting rooms, teleconference rooms, F & B packages and receptionists. This is a facility to accommodate SOHO or office owners if they hold meetings or receive their guests.

3.2 Status

This idea is to let the office or SOHO owners having the prestige and premium status by allowing their company’s profile being displayed in a “giant” LED screen in the main Lobby.

3.3 Community

The SMITH provides a space for interactions and changing ideas for the office and SOHO owners through co-working space. This is a very essential activity for many start-up companies.

Concept Design

Work in Progress